queer masculinity in osamu tezuka, keiko takemiya, hagio moto, comics mnt forthcoming march 2019

Essay on the use of adolescent characters and the exploration of queer masculinity in the works of Tezuka and early boy's love shōjo manga

puyo puyo and the perils of localization, fanbyte feb 2019

An overview of the Puyo Puyo franchise's localization from the 1990s to the current generation of console puzzle games

the weird and furry past: an interview with twitter’s unintentional furries, vrv blog jan 2019

Interview with the Twitter account @ancientfurries about furry art

romeo(s) where art thou? trans men at the movies, unwinnable jan 2019

Essay on the inclusion of trans male characters in recent queer cinema and close reading of the German film "Romeos" directed by Sabine Bernardi.

virtual pets in your pocket: the merchandising extravaganza, vrv blog jan 2019

A deep dive into the new flesh of virtual pets merchandising tactics, Neopets, and how cooperates take advantage of their audiences with cuteness.

a history of our complex relationships with virtual pets, vrv blog dec 2018

In which I kill a tamagotchi, and investigate the cultural criticism and video game theory surrounding the wonderful world of the 1990s virtual pet craze.

a ship of one’s own: genre and queer exceptionalism in voltronvrv blog dec 2018

Editorial on the influence of science-fiction and mecha anime tropes in relation to the depiction of queer men in "Voltron: Legendary Defender."

dreaming on the untamed net: the rise and decline of furcadia, vrv blog nov 2018

Retrospective editorial and interview on the 1996 social game "Furcadia" and its online community. Featured on Critical Distance December 2nd.

the animated film that asks: who gets to eat who?, vrv blog nov 2018

Essay on the role of Buddhist philosophy in the short-film "Cat Soup" directed by Tatsuo Satō.

sonic/antoine forever, zeal nov 2018

Personal narrative essay on queer masculinity as depicted in Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic books. Artwork by Marlo Mogensen. Featured on Critical Distance Nov 11th.

why yu-gi-oh is actually about dealing with childhood trauma, vrv blog oct 2018

Essay on the role of trauma in the Yu-Gi-Oh anime and character development.

a paradox of visibility: interview bluestockings magazine april 2017

Interview with Providence-based trans musician Noraa Kaplan.